About me

Born, raised and based in beautiful Berlin. Brought up to be whoever I want to be.

Often in thought, but rarely thinking before speaking. Seldom upset, usually in love – always hungry!

Teaching by day, writing by night, being a mom in the middle. Still looking for a cool super-hero-dress.

11 Gedanken zu “About me

  1. Hey Steph, when will you write a blog again! So nice to see your name pop up with all the Likes on my blog (thank you for those, and reading — any comments?). But I would love to see some more of your stories! Hope you will get a chance to start posting again regularly soon. I can’t read everything all the time but I look forward to reading what I can and appreciate your stories of family, boyfriend, and of course, bicycling. I think our little project will be nice. Best wishes, A Dude Abikes

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    1. Hey Andrew, your words really touch me. Actually, your likes and your email a few days ago motivated me a lot and I spend the last days writing. Today I’ll upload something new. Then I’ll have time for our bike-tour project 🙂

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